Appearance of internet changed the whole world. There is basically no area where it doesn’t have some sort of impact. The impact’s extent varies drastically from industry to industry and it can especially be seen in music industry. Invention of the internet changed it forever.  Let’s take a closer look at them.

  1. Music became free to download and use. Every person who enjoys listening to music can collect his own library for free. Tapes and CDs suddenly became useless and their producers lost lots of money. And on the contrary, those who switched to online, gained profits. It is easy now to find and download music from all over the world, making it less valuable, but more enjoyable.
  2. Music lessons can be help through the web. Before to take a class, one had to attend it, this making a choice of a tutor very poor due to geographical limitation. Now one can look for a teacher in each and every corner of the world, negotiate price and schedule. You don’t even need cash to pay him, simply use your credit card.
  3. Young and unnoticed talents can share their music with everyone through the internet. Before in order to show off you needed to perform out: on streets, in cafes and pubs or on stage. It is not easy to do so for young people who only start their music career or even not sure yet whether it is their true call or not. The world wide web presents a great opportunity to receive approval from people with different experience and music taste. You simply need to upload the song and tell everyone who you are.

As we can see there are lots of great advantages of music going online and we are a proof to it. Otherwise, how else would you find out about us?