Things You Should Do In Las Vegas

las-vegas-signOkay so it’s your first time in sin city, so you want to do a lot of things to really say you went to Vegas and had a great time. There are a lot of things you can do, but to really help you out, I’ll list out the things that you should do in order so that you can enjoy everything without fail. Follow these tips and advices and you will have the most productively enjoyable Las Vegas trip anyone can have, I won’t be too specific though just the broad what to do, not about where or how.

1.) Before You Leave for Vegas

Before leaving for your trip to Las Vegas you should pack light, don’t bring any books or anything that could be a distraction. This is not like any other vacation where you just sit down by the pool side reading a book or listening to music. When in sin city you should enjoy what the city has to offer, so no books, players or hand held consoles (if you’re into gaming), if you want to do those then go to somewhere like Hawaii or some other place where your vacation aim will be rest and relaxation. Not to say that you won’t be relaxing in Vegas, you will, you’ll need to because you’ll do a lot of playing.

2.) Hotel

Book a hotel in advance and if possible during non-peak season. If there are no conventions or not as much guests, you might get lucky and get a complimentary room upgrade. Choose a hotel on the strip, don’t be afraid to spend a little,  if my research is right they are the most generous in complementary room upgrades (hopefully I am correct), but remember to not touch the mini-bar nor make any calls using the room’s phone, because that’s how they get you.

3.) Walk Around

I know you are tempted to go straight to the casino but if you can I recommend you wait, prepare yourself physically and mentally. I recommend taking a walk around the resort, maybe enjoy the pool or watch a show, Party in a club, just loosen up.

4.) Eat

When walking around try the food, nothing too big though because eating in Las Vegas should be a try everything kind of approach, at least I personally find that the best way to do it. Much like being in Paris, the best thing to do when you are there is to do step 3 (walk around, take it in and enjoy) and step 4 (find the nearest café or good restaurant and eat) and then do step 3 again, and 4 again.

5.) Prepare for the Casino

You’ll be sitting for hours on end so I suggest going to a chiropractor, this is to avoid the possibility of a really bad back pain that could ruin your holiday. Also don’t worry, in my opinion Las Vegas chiropractors are one of the best in the world.

6.) The Casino

Okay, the reason I make the Casino the last stop of the day is that you will be tempted to stay there the whole time you’re in Vegas, and though gambling is what the city is known for, there is so much the city can offer. And another thing is, going to the casino could end really well or really badly, so if you do it last it’s either a good end to a good day or just the end of a good day.

In the end of the day you go back to your room and get some rest, the next day you can do step 3 to 6 all over again, guarantying that at the very least a good portion of your time in Vegas is a good time.